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Are you in a season of assault?

I wonder if you are feeling under attack… either spiritually or emotionally… and are weary from the fight.  Maybe you’ve been in battle for a while now and you’re ready to be done with it.

You’re exhausted.

You feel hopeless.

God gave me a powerful visual as I walked up to the front to speak at a woman’s retreat last spring.

To be honest, I was tired from some struggles and challenges in my own life. 

I was facing issues that required a lot of… me. 

My spirit was weary.

But God.

He knew exactly what I needed in that moment.

Sitting on the podium was a cross.  And I heard God whisper “Carey, when you are beaten down by life’s struggles, check your position.  The safest place to be is standing behind the power of the cross.  Where are you?”

Great question.

The truth is that sometimes I’m so ready for the battle that I charge ahead, taking all those arrows from the Enemy right in the chest.  Rather than stand behind Jesus when times get tough, I deal with life by stepping out from His covering.

I decide to do it my way.

No wonder I find myself exhausted at times.

When we are feeling weary and bruised and overwhelmed, it can be an indication that we’re not in the right position.  Chances are, we’ve strayed from His protection.

The Bible tells us that Christ gives us the strength to do all things, but so often we want the solution without including Him in the problem. We think we can do it better.  Our plans seem like good ones.

The result is a loss in… hope.

You see, the moment we step out from His divine protection (do it our way) the Enemy’s arrows pierce us… wounding us deeply.  They inflict serious damage to our motivation… our self-esteem… our ability to trust… and our perspective.

And unless we remove those arrows quickly, the infections of anger and bitterness and unforgiveness and fear will fester.  They will destroy us.

Are you standing behind the cross? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I let my identity be defined by what others think of me?
  • Am I always defending myself?
  • Do I easily forgive offenses?
  • Am I full of hope, even in hard times?
  • Is my perspective an eternal one?

Profound work was done on that cross… and because of it we’re covered by His blood.  Thanks to Christ’s selfless act, we have the ability to find protection from all that life throws at us.

So when you find yourself worn down and disillusioned, check your position with regard to the cross.

Are you behind it, allowing Christ to extinguish those flaming arrows?

Or are you out from its protection, allowing those arrows a direct hit?

Protect yourself from the Enemy, because his weapon is aimed in your exact direction.

Check your position.

Friends… where are you?


“God is our place of safety. He gives us strength. He is always there to help us in times of trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1  NIRV)


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I’m fired up!

It is frustrating for me to see people believing and living lies from the pit of Hell.  Especially when it is so obvious to an outsider just what is going on and who is behind the enemy chaos.  You know what I mean?

As I was tucking my break-dancing son (referencing yesterday’s post) into bed this evening, he mentioned he was nervous about school tomorrow.  When I asked him”why“, he couldn’t really tell me.

Although he is excelling in school and rockin’ the defensive line of his football team, he’s been a little weepy and quicker to anger than normal.   We’ve considered sleep issues, video games, and newness of 3rd grade as the culprits… but we were leaning more towards thinking it might be a phase…

… until tonight.

While laying in bed with him saying prayers, it hit me that this is spiritual warfare.  Based on things that have happened in the past with Sam, I honestly believe that he is going to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom.  I just know it.

So the Evil One has worked tirelessly over the years to render Sam ineffective by “dinging” his self-confidence.  It makes me so mad I could just spit because I can see the reality of his efforts.

  • Sam is afraid to try something new and different because he might fail
  • He allows others to intimidate him because he is afraid to stand up for himself
  • Sam gets easily frustrated with himself when he messes up on schoolwork

Righteous angers burns inside me…

When he shared he was a little stressed and anxious about tomorrow, I just laid my hands on him and prayed out loud for God to cover him and calm him.  I spoke with authority telling the author of lies to flee in the name of Jesus as he had no right to mess with Sam.

And because I called on His name… Satan lost this round.

Friends, be aware that the Evil One is roaming the earth looking for someone to destroy.  Has he found you?  Are you believing those lies that say:

  • You are stupid so don’t even try
  • You’ll never be loved because of your past
  • You are all alone in this situation
  • You don’t deserve to be happy
  • No one likes you

Friends… Hear me!  You know you’re buying into lies from Hell when the messages you hear leave you feeling hopeless, fearful and promote self-hatred.

The problem is that once we begin to believe these messages… our actions, behavior and choices reflect that belief.  I lost many years because I bought into those lies and responded to life looking through those condemning lenses.

In breaking free from their hold on me, here are some things that I tried:

  1. I read what God had to say about those lies.  Visit Biblegateway.com or google your topic (i.e. What does the Bible say about_____?)
  2. I talked to those I trusted (pastor, Bible study leader, mature Christians) and asked what worked for them, because I knew they battled it, too!
  3. I prayed for God to rewrite those destructive messages by speaking to me through His Word, songs, sermons, etc.  And then I looked and listened for Him.

I heard it described once like this… You are the air traffic controller of your mind and you can control which thoughts land and which ones fly right by. In other words, be mindful of what messages you entertain.

I’m curious… How have you combated those lies in your lives?  What’s worked for you?

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